Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Archbishop Charles Chaput (Denver) - Church vs. State

I saw this on NewAdvent.org and felt that it needed to be shared again. In light of the media's comments about religious people complicating the political scene with faith with their views; Pro-Life, Marriage between a man and a woman, the intrinsic value of the person, and many more.

The mostly solemn crowd erupted in laughter and applause when Chaput was asked if the government would listen to his church.
He replied, "I don't think the government should listen to the church - the government should listen to the people and the people should listen to the church."

Now that is a line worth memorizing! Archbishop Chaput gets an A in Civics.

Archbishop Charles Chaput (Denver) on July 18, 2006 from Rocky Mountain News.

In Our Lord and Our Lady,

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