Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Catholic Facts (take 2) - About Hell...

Like I mentioned in the first "Catholic Facts" post ... I have been thinking about "Catholic Facts". I have been asked may questions about the "small" things in the Church as well as the "Big" things. Here is the second installment...

Question: What does the Catholic Church say about "Hell"?

Answer: Some one liners about hell: 1. There is a hell. 2. Hell’s eternal. 3. Those who die in mortal sin descend into hell. 4. The chief punishment of hell is separation from God. 5. God predestined no one to go to hell. 6. A person goes to hell because of a willful turning away from God (mortal sin) and persistence in it until the end of life. These are just the hot points of the Church’s traditional teaching about hell. Consult the "Catechism" 1033-1037.
Thanks to Fr. Mark at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton for most of the questions and answers.

In Our Lord and Our Lady,

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