Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Gift to Alter Servers from Pope Benedict XVI

Our beloved Pope Benedict XVI gave a special gift to alter servers during his General Audience today. Below are a few excerpts, the rest can be found at CNS.

Pope Benedict XVI

The Holy Father began his remarks by recalling his first year serving Mass in 1935. Pope Benedict, assuring them that he would keep his comments brief due to the heat, told the altar servers that he wished to offer a message, “that can accompany you in your life and your service to the Church.”

Benedict spoke of the Apostles and their great friendship with the Lord as well as their service to him and the Gospel.

“Today, as a look out at you standing here in St. Peter’s Square,” the Pope told the many altar servers, “I think of the Apostles and feel the voice of Jesus who says to you, ‘I no longer call you servants, but friends, remain in my love and bear much fruit.’ I invite you: listen to this voice. Christ did not just say this 2000 years ago, he lives and speaks to you now.”

Benedict told the servers to listen faithfully to the voice of Jesus and that, while the Vocation of each person is different, He desires friendship with all.

The Pope challenged the young servers to take the fruits of goodness and service and carry them to all areas of their life, this he said, would make them true apostles and friends of Jesus.

Don't forget to keep Pope Benedict XVI in your prayers, that the Lord guide, protect, and strengthen our "German Shepard" in the walk God has planned for his life.

In Our Lord and Our Lady,

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