Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Portiuncula - August 2 - Indulgence

Having recently attended a conference at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, I was blessed by the chance to pray at the replica of the Portiuncula located on the beautiful campus in Ohio.

Any chance for an indulgence is one that I want to avail myself of. Here is your chance as well.

I am posting just the basics here. The Roman Sacristan has all these details and much more on indulgences.

An indulgence is the remission in the eyes of God of the temporal punishment
due to sins whose culpable element has already been taken away. The Christian
faithful who are rightly disposed and observe the definite, prescribed
conditions gain this remission through the effective assistance of the Church,
which, as the minister of redemption, authoritatively distributes and applies
the treasury of the expiatory works of Christ and the Saints.-Handbook of
Indulgences, Norms

Now for the details:
one can obtain a plenary indulgence on August 2nd by visiting a parish church and doing the following:

  • Devoutly carry out the indulgenced work and devoutly pray the required prayers (if there are any) that go along with the action. In this case, visiting a parish church and reciting the "Our Father" and the Creed.
  • Say one “Our Father” and one “Hail Mary” for the intentions of the Pope on the day you perform the indulgenced work.
  • Worthily receive Holy Communion, ideally on the same day on which you perform the indulgenced work or at least within a few days of performing the indulgenced work.
  • Make a Sacramental Confession within a week of (before or after) the day on which you perform the indulgenced work.
  • It is also required that one be free from all attachment to sin, even venial sin.

Remember, indulgences may be obtained for oneself or may be applied to the souls in Purgatory, but they may never be done for other living persons.

In Our Lord and Our Lady,

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