Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mary Assumed into Heaven

Thank the Lord and the Holy Catholic Church for the gift of Mary our mother. Mary we ask your intersession for our priests and all religious, that they will cling to you and that you will place your mantle around them and draw them closer to your son Jesus.

For those who might not know the details...
According to Roman Catholic doctrine and the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mary, the mother of Jesus) "having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory." This means that Mary was transported into Heaven with her body and soul united. Mary's passage into Heaven is called the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Roman Catholics. This doctrine was dogmatically and infallibly defined by Pope Pius XII on 1 November 1950 in his Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus.
Quoted from Wikipedia.

In Our Lord and Our Lady,

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